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Our Services

At Comply Frame, we provide comprehensive cybersecurity consulting services, specializing in strategic planning and compliance with major cybersecurity frameworks. We help organizations strengthen their security posture, navigate regulatory requirements, and foster a security-conscious culture. Through interviews, diagnostic tests, assessments, strategy development, training, and ongoing support, we empower clients to protect their digital assets and gain market assurance confidently.

Cybersecurity Assessment

Gain insights into your organization's current cybersecurity posture through a comprehensive review of policies, procedures, networks, and systems. Identify gaps, vulnerabilities, and areas for improvement to build a robust security foundation.


Cybersecurity Strategy Development

Maximize your organization's cybersecurity resilience with a tailored strategy that aligns with industry standards and frameworks. Set clear objectives and milestones to track progress and ensure continued success in your security efforts.


Compliance Advisory

Navigate the complex landscape of cybersecurity regulations with expert guidance on HIPAA/HITRUST, SOX, ISO-27001, NIST CSF, and more. Develop and implement security controls, policies, and documentation to achieve and maintain compliance with ease.


Training and Awareness Workshops

Empower your workforce with knowledge and skills to prevent security incidents. Our customized workshops promote a security-conscious culture, providing employees with the tools they need to protect your organization's critical assets.


Cybersecurity Posture Maturity and Business Alignement 

Stay ahead of emerging threats and maintain your cybersecurity resilience with our continuous support and monitoring services. Receive regular updates, recommendations, and assistance with incident response to safeguard your organization's future.

Our experts are available to align your organization's security posture with your business. 
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